Deep beneath our Earth, gemstones continue to be born and grow. They are a product of nature, coming into being through the passing of many long years and numerous happy accidents.


Our museum houses 3,000 pieces of 500 different varieties from around the world. We are proud to present a wide range that covers everything from raw stones to finished jewelry pieces. The Yamanashi Gem Museum in Yamanashi is the only one of its kind in Japan and is proud to present to you a beautiful collection of gems and precious metals.



A brilliant universe of gems

All the gemstones look fantastic when under the spotlights, They look like stars in the universe. We display over 50 items of rough stones, cut gems and jewelries and you can learn details of the birth and history of gems from them and also learn what kinds of gemstones produce beautiful gems.


The great rock crystal

The great rock crystal(180cm, 1270kg) displayed on a special stage. It’s the largest class rock crystal in Japan.


All the rare rough stones

We also have many crystals of great historical and mineralogical value.


Supreme brightness

We have a wide range of unique accessories which you have not been seen in elsewhere. The briliant 146ct Aquamarin and 47ct imperial topaz are dazzling.


A history of traditional techniques

Yamanashi has a long history of working with gem stones and became a famous center of gem production along with Idar Overstein Geamany. We display a range of sculptures caving crafts and documents about gems and their history in Yamanashi.

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