Yamanashi Gem Museum

Shop & Cafe売店・喫茶

At the museum shop, we have a wide selection of products available, ranging from popular reasonably priced natural stone goods for souvenir gifts to authentic jewelry items. You can enjoy shopping while you consult with our staff, who possess an abundance of specialist knowledge.

Authentic jewelry items at affordable prices

We sell high quality jewelry at easy to purchase prices that give special attention to the quality of the stone. In addition to classic gemstones such as diamonds and rubies, we also have many products using rare stones that you can only find at a museum.

Silver pendant

Our museum's original silver pendant using precious gems such as amethyst and blue topaz (includes pouch). Popular as a souvenir gift item.

Mineral specimens

We not only have accessories, but also a wide selection of mineral specimens such as crystal clusters and amethyst domes.

Cafe space

There is a cafe space set up next to the museum shop. The coffee made from handpicked beans and cake set is popular. Can also be used just as a cafe, so feel free to stop by.