Jewelry has a long history. It has been used for a number of reasons, such as wealth, displays, storage, symbolism and protection. Their beauty and craftsmanship has attracted people all over the world.


Our museum is the only comprehensive gem museum in Japan and was built in Yamanashi to showcase beautiful gems and share the special knowledge about them. We have about 3,000 items rare collections of rough stones, cut gems and accessories from all over the world. Please enjoy the natural world’s art works!





The History of Yamanashi and Crystals

The history of the crystals of Yamanashi is a long one. They were first recognized and mined back during the Jomon period (145 B.C). A crystal arrow had been excavated from the ruins of this era and some jewelry such as a comma-shaped piece have crafted in the Kofun period.


The first major activities started when Tamaya Yasuke, a Kyoto lapidary, taught cutting techniques to priest in Mt. Mitake in the later half of the Edo era. Early in the Taisho period, the mining activities decreased so must of its materials had be imported from abroad. However techniques of processing kept progressing and now Yamanashi well known having the world second largest gem industry after Idar Oberstein Germany. Now, the making share of gem related products is 30% which is the highest in Japan.


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